GoogleVoice has done it again: SMS to email to SMS

GoogleVoice announced (via Twitter and their blog) several exciting new features including:

  • SMS messages can now forward to email, and emailed replies go to SMS! This is huge. (Turn this on in the voicemail/sms settings in GV.)
  • Free calling to Canada.
  • Play GV voicemails within Gmail messages (turn this on in the Labs settings in Gmail).

Still waiting to be able to port a number into GV, as well as the ability to sign anyone up, but these are some big steps forward for a great new service.

PS, if you’re all worried about Google being Big Brother – consider this: it’s not the government, it’s a business (and a relatively cool company ¬†for as big as it is), and although they will match adds to text, etc. it’s done by a machine. But yeah, if you’re planning a major act of terrorism, planning a major universe overthrow, or using it to peddle drugs, might not be for you.

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