VoiceThread Wish List

Voicethread is a splendid tool for asynchronous online communication, collaboration, teaching and learning. It can be used in so many ways, and its model – overlaying communicative functionality on top of content, like Cengage’s Mindtap product, should be considered the next big thing in online content. ED TED talks came out with something similar for their videos – allowing the community to add their own notes, quiz questions, and lessons on top of their content.

At any rate, here’s my exhaustive wish list for making Voicethread even better:

  • MOST IMPORTANT: ability to select individual slides for import (not have to import the entire slide set, but rather, see a screen and select which slides to import, or 1-click to select all)
  • ability to truncate audio comments at start/end
  • ability to do some simple audio editing, including levels
  • limit/boost audio to even out audio across an entire thread
  • export PDF or PPT of slides (just for a backup for students who desire this – and many do)
  • ability to replace an old slide with a new one, but keep comment(s) from the old one
  • ability to replace a slide from the already available slides but keep the comments
  • when replacing a slide (keeping comment(s): ability to choose a slide from an import file (currently it automatically chooses the first slide)
  • export individual audio comments
  • export the entirety of audio comments to an MP3 or WAV
  • import an audio file and then choose segments from that file to assign to various slides
  • move comments to other slides


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