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Envisioning Future Learning Environments: Melding Tools and Content

After reading this piece on e-Literate about the Unizin learning ecosystem coalition, it stirs up thoughts like: why are we still here? Content repository? It seems like these LMS and platform tools are stuck in the 90’s and early 2000’s. … Continue reading

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MOOC Jams and Clark’s Filtration Nation

This post on a recent MOOC jam posed these questions: How can we create ways that encourage learners to support one another? and  “What can we build into the design that supports and encourages peer-peer learning?” Here’s an idea for MOOC platforms … Continue reading

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xMOOCs Derailing Open Education?

How much fact is in the discussion about openness/unopenness in licensing of many MOOCs? George Siemens will deliver a keynote at ICDE about MOOCs derailing open education in part because they have open enrollment, but not open licensing. That page … Continue reading

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Agile Teams: Rapid Iterations & Feedback

This TED talk does a swell job demonstrating how hidden assumptions can make collaboration murky, and how self-direction, self-organization, rapid prototyping and iterations as well as evidence-based feedback can enhance collaborative efforts: Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team

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Another Podcasting Success Story

Availability and choice of resources is the name of the game for student access and success. Educational podcasts can enhance both of those in a big way, since they are portable. Here’s another success story of podcasting in the classroom, … Continue reading

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From textbook to Performance Content

As you can tell, Campus Technology is my new favorite magazine of the moment, so I’ll keep bringing up more articles I think are interesting enough to pass on… This recent article delves into the move away from textbooks as … Continue reading

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Suspicions confirmed!

I found this article about Educational Technology from the current issue of Ed Tech magazine, which confirms a few suspicions about the immediate future and education. A lot of it has to do with what I’m calling (and I hope … Continue reading

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