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VR and Edu

VR is going to be yuuuge – not only in games and consumer applications, but also and perhaps especially, for education and training.

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Are MOOCs Dead? Uff da.

In a Wired blog post, “MOOCs Are Dead — Long Live the MOOC” by Dr. Jeff Borden from Pearson, he says “Social learning takes architecture. I’ve posted several blogs about the trouble with MOOCs. Social learning is at the top … Continue reading

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Envisioning Future Learning Environments: Melding Tools and Content

After reading this piece on e-Literate about the Unizin learning ecosystem coalition, it stirs up thoughts like: why are we still here? Content repository? It seems like these LMS and platform tools are stuck in the 90’s and early 2000’s. … Continue reading

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MOOC Jams and Clark’s Filtration Nation

This post on a recent MOOC jam posed these questions: How can we create ways that encourage learners to support one another? and  “What can we build into the design that supports and encourages peer-peer learning?” Here’s an idea for MOOC platforms … Continue reading

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Inside MOOCs: Student Expectations and Achievement

I recently presented the info below at the Sloan Consortium’s International Conference on Online Learning in Orlando, Florida. I think the most compelling/interesting part for me was to see the intentions of students who signed up for JHSPH Coursera courses, … Continue reading

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xMOOCs Derailing Open Education?

How much fact is in the discussion about openness/unopenness in licensing of many MOOCs? George Siemens will deliver a keynote at ICDE about MOOCs derailing open education in part because they have open enrollment, but not open licensing. That page … Continue reading

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VoiceThread Wish List

Voicethread is a splendid tool for asynchronous online communication, collaboration, teaching and learning. It can be used in so many ways, and its model – overlaying communicative functionality on top of content, like Cengage’s Mindtap product, should be considered the … Continue reading

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Agile Teams: Rapid Iterations & Feedback

This TED talk does a swell job demonstrating how hidden assumptions can make collaboration murky, and how self-direction, self-organization, rapid prototyping and iterations as well as evidence-based feedback can enhance collaborative efforts: Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team

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YouTube’s Closed Captioning: Rocks!

I got pretty excited about YouTube’s closed captioning feature today. Well, it went like this… I uploaded a new version of a student testimonial video of students in the SUNY Delhi online RN to BSN degree program, and I wanted … Continue reading

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GoogleVoice has done it again: SMS to email to SMS

GoogleVoice announced (via Twitter and their blog) several exciting new features including: SMS messages can now forward to email, and emailed replies go to SMS! This is huge. (Turn this on in the voicemail/sms settings in GV.) Free calling to … Continue reading

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